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This memorial website was created in the memory of Kayden Shawn Branham he entered into this world on Sept,15,2007 and entered into heavens garden on May,30,2009 He will be sadly missed forever loved but never will he be forgotten ......

Please read the following to know Kaydens story..

A toddler who died after drinking a drain cleaner used in making methamphetamine swallowed the corrosive liquid from a coffee cup left sitting on a table at his teenage parents' trailer, authorities said Monday.

The parents rushed the 22-month-old boy, Kayden Bran ham, to the Wayne County hospital Saturday night, but he was pronounced dead about an hour after ingesting the cleaner, which contains sulfuric acid, authorities said.

"I don't think there's a word that describes how horrible a death that child experienced," state police Detective said.







Tributes and Condolences
my little baby cousin   / Samantha Verhovec (Cousin)
im so sorry i couldnt make iy yo his funeral... really wish i could have
Kayden is in the arms of angels   / Tina Parrigin (not)
This is a precious child he looked so sweet. Remember Jesus has got him now. R.I.P Kayden you were so beautiful
God Only Takes The Best   / Marsha
                          God Only Takes The Best   God saw that he was getting tired And a cure was not meant to b...  Continue >>
God's Lil Angel   / Trish (None)
God Bless this entire family. How hard it must be to loose such a precious little boy. Kayden, you had the prettiest blue eyes I know I have ever looked into. We didn't know each other personally, but I saw your picture on the internet. I just ...  Continue >>
In God's arms   / Sally Hale
U don't know me. I live in London but I have children of my own and everytime I read somewhere about a child being hurt or taken it breaks my heart. He was so handsome. Even thou I didn't know u, my heart goes out to you. There is nothing no one can ...  Continue >>
Sweet dream little angel  / Passerby/ Disgusted Parent     Read >>
LIL ANGEL  / Tina Robertson (stranger)    Read >>
sadness. / Corvette Lynn (None)    Read >>
Angels Are Meant To Go To Heaven  / Cheyanna &. David Brown (Cousin)    Read >>
In the arms of jesus  / Cyndi And Mikayla Savage (friend)    Read >>
To Baby Kayden  / E. P. (Friend)    Read >>
Littlest Angel  / Sweet Heart (friend)    Read >>
precious angel  / Jordan Martin (cousin)    Read >>
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